About us

We understand that more and more data is now being passed electronically between clients and accountants. Although this has huge benefits in terms of time scales involved, it does bring issues regarding data protection. Also, HMRC are now accepting tax returns with electronic signatures, and Companies House are sure to follow soon for electronic submission of accounts, so a way of obtaining clients electronic signatures is key.

To assist with this new way of authorising documents, we've joined up with IRIS to give our clients access to their own secure log in area. This document-sharing portal, which has built-in electronic authorisastion facilities, enables client to send us data in a secure manner. It also enables large amounts of data, e.g. Sage back ups, to be sent between us and our clients without trying to send large amounts of data via email.

In addition, your portal can be used to store useful information such as pdfs of your accounts and tax returns. So next time you need to put your hands on a signed copy of last years accounts, you'll know where to look!

To register for this service, please contact your team member who can arrange for your account to be set up. You will then be emailed by IRIS and it will be you who sets up your user name and password. Once done, the client portal is there for you to use.

Contact us if you'd like more information on client portals.