About us

The Hub 

Although we like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to accounting and tax, there are plenty of other areas where our clients need help that we are not experts on. But many businesses today want their professional advisers and consultants to talk to each other, sharing knowledge and arriving at the best solutions across the board. 

This is the joined up approach to business advice that we take, and it’s what our professional network is for. We call it The Hub.

We’ve deliberately built up close working relationships with key professionals who share this ethos and operate in the local Bath area. We work with them to give our clients broader expertise in a co-ordinated way. This saves you time, it ensures reliable quality, and it means your business support services work more efficiently and often much faster. 

Above all, this means we can introduce you to other local professionals who you can trust, we’ve already vetted and with whom we think you’ll get on well. People like us.

So if you need advice in any of the areas below, please contact us and we can be sure to know someone who can help.