About us

Richardson Swift is a leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants in central Bath, providing a wide range of professional services to owner managed businesses and private individuals. 

Whether you’re a business or an individual, we’ll get to know you personally and understand your needs and goals. Although we are a thoroughly down to earth, friendly team, we’re also commercially focused and highly driven. We enjoy working with like minded businesses and their people and we are keen to help you succeed, whatever success means to you.

Jargon-free advice tailored to your needs

We’ll give it to you straight: clear and jargon-free advice, which we will always tailor to your needs. By looking carefully at every client’s individual requirements and circumstances, we can make considered, appropriate recommendations, explained to you so you understand your options and can see a clear path to the solution. 

A valuable resource that’s part of your business

The greater the trust, the more effective (and efficient) the working relationship, but this takes time to establish. That’s why we aim to build long term, mutually satisfying relationships with our clients. Right from the start of the relationship we take time to understand all we can about your needs, and we arrange regular meetings and reviews to make sure our advice remains relevant and current. Over time, we hope to become a valuable part of your business.

A safe pair of hands when it comes to the basics

Our service is professional and entirely dependable. We don’t just focus on the exciting ‘outside the box’ work, we make absolutely sure the basics get done correctly and on time. Our clients are busy people, and they rely on us to look after the day to day compliance for them, ensuring deadlines are met and tax payment reminders are given in plenty of time. By putting ourselves in our client’s shoes, we ensure all the details are dealt with. And that means you have one less thing to worry about.

Complete transparency on fees

Fees are a topic many accountants shy away from, but we like to be completely transparent from day one. For new clients, we’ll discuss what you need before providing a fee proposal detailing the services required and the costs for these. Once agreed, these fees will be what you pay – including phone calls and emails. If an extra piece of work is needed, we’ll discuss the project with you and agree a fee before the work is done, ensuring there are no nasty surprises for you. We’ll then review your fees on an annual basis, again agreeing up front what the costs will be. We can also decide with you what timing of fees works best for you, whether this is invoicing you when the work is done or agreeing a monthly fee to help with cashflow planning.  

With you at every stage in the life of your business

Every business has a ‘life cycle’, typically running from start-up phase, through the challenges of growth and consolidation, and ending with an exit of some sort. By investing in the long term relationship we offer, your business can benefit from the right specialist services at each stage of its own cycle. This will help you grow faster, make the right decisions along the way, and exit in a way that leaves everyone happy.