Our Expertise

Pre year end tax planning

You need to talk to us in advance of the 5th April (for personal tax) or your company's financial year end (for corporation tax) if you want to maximise the tax saving opportunities, as most will be unavailable after these dates have passed.  

For example, to take advantage of pension planning, the contribution into the scheme must be made before the relevant "year end".  Or to maximising tax relief for expenditure incurred on plant and machinery, there are conditions that must be met before the "year end" which determine whether expenditure has been "incurred" for these purposes. 

We always strive to advise individuals on how they can maximise personal tax efficiency before 5 April has passed, and for companies we can offer a pre year end tax planning meeting.  Furthermore, where we act for the shareholders personally, we advise holistically on the interaction between corporate and personal taxes/NIC.