Our Expertise

Strategic planning

Most business owners have a rough idea of where they want their business to go but often have no real strategy on how to get there. We can help.

We work with all different sizes and types of businesses to help them identify where the business is now and envisage where they want the business to be in five years time. Then, together we plot out the process needed to achieve the plan, and – crucially – break this down into bite-sized action points, each with realistic timescales.

We’ll then ‘sit on your shoulder’, reminding you of what you need to do and making sure it gets done. That can make all the difference. A follow up meeting quarterly will ensure you stay on track and the plan becomes more and more achievable as time goes by.

And, with the launch of the government's Growth Voucher scheme, there is even funding available to help businesses pay for such advice.

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