Coronavirus: act now on business insurance

Without wishing to add to any “panic” surrounding the Coronavirus, there are a couple of things that businesses should be considering.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was added to the list of notifiable diseases by the Government on Wednesday 4 March, which means that you may be eligible to recover any future losses that you incur as a result of the virus from your insurance policy. It's therefore worth checking your insurance policy to see what cover you have and, if you have cover, it's essential to record and evidence any losses incurred from 4 March 2020 for a future claim.

It has also been announced that Statutory Sick Pay will operate from day one (the first day off work) for workers with suspected Coronavirus.

If you have staff, it's prudent to have a policy in place to deal with any impact of the virus. You will need to consider what your policy is regarding self-isolation and sick pay; how you will deal with employees that may have an underlying health condition that could make them seriously at risk, and also whether it will be possible for employees to work from home, and if so, to put policies in place to enable them to do so.

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