Coronavirus: prepare for CJRS claims portal launch

HMRC have announced that the online claims portal for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will go live on 20 April 2020.

This is five days earlier than previously announced and was confirmed to us as a Payroll agent by HMRC yesterday. At the time of writing (9 April 2020), there is no information on when the first payments can be expected.

Further information about the Scheme can be found on the government website here:, and we have summarised the key points here:


If you have a payroll scheme, then the action you will need to take is as follows:

  • Payrolls run by Richardson Swift - please confirm the bank account details that you wish to have the furlough claim paid into. Other than that, we will process the claim.
  • Payrolls run by other Payroll Agents - you will need to confirm that your payroll agent has full online authorisation to file the claim. Do this now, as it can take 7-10 days to get authorised
  • Payrolls run by Yourselves - you will be able to make the furlough claim using your own online access.

Assistance for clients making furlough claims

If you would like us to help you in making a claim because either your bureau is not authorised or you wish us to deal with it for you, then you need to let us know immediately and let us have the Accounts Office Reference and PAYE reference for your payroll. We will be able to provide telephone assistance as well, but we expect to be extremely busy at that time.

Please email our Payroll Manager, Rob Tompkins at, or call us on 01225 325580, in relation to any of the above.

Please note that this is only a summary of the main issues and should not be construed as advice. Every effort has been made to ensure factual accuracy at the time of publication (9 April 2020), however, the government response to the Coronavirus situation is changing 24-7, so it should not be relied upon completely.