FREE software for Xero clients

Clients using Xero can benefit from FREE data capture software from 18 March. The new tool called Hubdoc will link with Xero and works by automating tasks to reduce manual data entry, whilst improving accuracy and saving time.

What’s new?

Currently, most Xero users are managing accounts documents themselves and inputting financial data manually, and whilst there is data capture software, such as Receipt Bank, it’s only available on paid for subscriptions.

This is all changing however, as data capture software, Hubdoc, will soon be available to all users on starter, standard and premium subscription plans for FREE!

How do I sign up?

From 18 March, the Xero dropdown menu will feature a new link to Hubdoc. To activate the software, simply sign in with your Xero login details and follow the steps to get started.

How does it work?

Hubdoc will allow you to upload photos of documents straight to your mobile or desktop device. Key financial data from these images, such as expense, receipt and invoice amounts, can then be extracted and synched with Xero. Once there, the data will be matched to bank feed transactions in Xero, using one click reconciliation. This will help improve the speed and accuracy of data inputting, as well as saving you time.

Hubdoc will store all your bills and statements in a secure hub automatically. These can be accessed with a single login from any device, effectively giving you a digital filing cabinet in the cloud.

One of the main advantages with Hubdoc is that you’ll be able to manage all your bills in one place, saving you the need to login into several different accounts.

Once signed up, all you need do is enter your account provider and information, and Hubdoc will extract all your bills for you. It will also download and store past available bills.


Hubdoc will simplify account administration and help you work towards a paperless office. Document chasing will become a thing of the past, with automatic financial reconciliation and data that is backed up forever and available on any device.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on the software, please visit:

Where can I get help?

For further advice, or if you have any questions, please call your usual Richardson Swift contact on 01225 325580.