Grow Your Business with Outsourcing

Outsourcing offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for many smaller businesses. So if you are struggling to manage your firm’s finances why not ask Bath accountants Richardson Swift to do it for you?

If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s still trying to look after your company finances yourself, or you have an in-house finance department that is expensive and not providing you with what you need, then it’s time to consider outsourcing.

In these challenging times, cost control and flexibility are key; internal finance teams are expensive for smaller firms and quality staff are hard to find and retain.

Outsourcing your finance function to Richardson Swift provides an expert, value for money service, which leaves you safe in the knowledge that your finances are under control.

The additional expertise that outsourcing brings is hugely valuable - having an expert finance team on tap gives directors reliable financial data for decision making and frees up valuable time for running the business.

In addition, outsourcing is completely scalable – so as you grow, your outsourced finance function can grow with you, without you having to recruit more staff.

The benefits of outsourcing are:

Pay only for the hours you need
Fixed rate costs
Continuous coverage of service - no delays or disruption due to staff holidays, illness, etc
Bespoke proposal to perfectly suit your needs
Flexible solution that can grow with your business
Timely and accurate financial information for your business

Outsourcing will also remove the problems which can arise when looking after the finance function of your business in house:

Staff coverage issues
Haphazard cash control
Suppliers chasing payments
Directors’ focus away from growing the business
Deadlines missed
Out of date information
Expensive and time consuming process to recruit your own internal staff

Case Study

When the financial controller of a local consultancy company left the business, we suggested outsourcing to the managing director, rather than him recruiting someone new.

By setting the client up on cloud accounting and installing a dedicated email address for the business, we were able to provide an outsourced solution which means all aspects of the company’s finances are now looked after by Richardson Swift, including sales ledger, purchase ledger, bank control and credit control, with monthly management accounts being emailed to the directors on a timely basis.

The client has been extremely pleased with the seamless transition and the ease with which his finance function now operates. And for a fraction of the cost of recruiting a new employee!

To discuss an outsourcing package that’s tailor-made for you and your business, contact Debbie Boulton today to arrange a free initial meeting.