Identity fraud - could it happen to you?

Company directors be aware

I have recently been subject to ID fraud. An individual was able to borrow money from a payday loan company using my name, home telephone number, address and date of birth. All of that information is available to the public in the phone book and on Companies House.

The first I got to hear of it was on return from holiday when the payday loan company had left 6 messages asking why it hadn’t been repaid.

It was only £200 and I haven’t had to repay it but the hassle and inconvenience was substantial. I have had to:

1.Report the event to the Police and get a Crime Number.

2.Advise the payday loan company of that number,

3.Advise my bank of the breach so that they are on heightened alert.

4.Contact CIFAS the UK Fraud Prevention service and pay a small fee to ensure that anyone applying for a loan in my name is double-checked.

5.Register with a credit reference agency so that I can check and monitor my rating.

If you're going through a similar advice, please contact Derek Swift and he can refer you to advisors who can help.