RS provide support at the Innovation Centre

Coffee lovers in Bath can now beat the queues thanks to a new app for their phones.

University of Bath graduate Tom Dewhurst has this year launched a new app, called Ordable, which enables people to pre-order and pay for their cup of coffee using their smartphones.

The app was initially launched in April at the Engine Shed in Bristol, but it is now starting to gain traction with food and coffee outlets in Bath and Bristol.

Tom Dewhurst, co-founder of Ordable, said: "Our mantra has always been: Build, Measure, Learn. Based on detailed feedback, market research and analysing our competition — we are now targeting cafes and coffee shops with our order-ahead, payment and digital loyalty card functionality.

"This new approach enables these outlets to dramatically increase sales, streamline operations and reward loyal customers."

The app allows people to pay via their phones through a secure payment system, then order their favourite drink from their favourite coffee shop and on collection there is no need for paper loyalty cards anymore because the app will keep track of how many drinks who have paid for.

The company, which is based at the University of Bath Innovation Centre, has been given a helping hand by fellow Bath firm Richardson Swift.

Director at the firm Debbie Boulton has been appointed accountant in residence at the University of Bath Innovation Centre.

The tax team at Richardson Swift advised and assisted Tom with applying for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), which offers tax relief for investors in new businesses.

This is a key step in attracting early stage investment. On the back of a successful application, Ordable were able to secure vital seed funding from a local angel investor.

As well as reviewing Ordable's business plan, Debbie has also been providing Tom with general accountancy advice on VAT returns, payroll and share structure.

"We are delighted to be working with Tom and the other ground-breaking businesses based at the University of Bath Innovation Centre," she said.

"Entrepreneurs like Tom come up with brilliant ideas that can change the way we live but often they need important guidance on their finances and business models.

"That's where we can help, by advising fledgling firms on their growth strategies and helping them attract the investment they need."