Don't lose out on your full state pension

Access your pension statement

You can now request a full pension statement online via the following link: check my state pension. This statement will show how much state pension you will receive with your current National Insurance history, along with how many qualifying years you have.

For the new system, you need 35 years of qualifying contributions to obtain the new full pension, currently at the basic rate of £159.55 per week. Under this system, any qualifying years in excess of 35 years will not increase your entitlement above this amount.

However, if you had more than 30 qualifying years prior to 5 April 2016, you could potentially get a higher state pension under the old rules. Your entitlement will be the higher of your total entitlement under the old rules up to 5 April 2016 and the amount under the new rules. The statement will confirm your current entitlement, taking into account the old and new rules.

National Insurance contributions

Depending on your State Pension entitlement above, you can then look at your National Insurance (NIC) record to assess whether it is beneficial to fill in any gaps in contributions.

The following form NIC statement request can be completed to access your National Insurance contributions history in more detail. This will also give an indication of any gaps in your record that could be filled with voluntary contributions if needed.

For those who are parents, NIC credits can also be accrued for each year spent looking after children aged up to 12-years-old (up to a maximum total NIC allowance of 19-years for multiple children). NIC credits are also available for other carers.

For further information and advice, please visit the state pension homepage.