A valuable process

Audits are often viewed as just a compliance process that does not add any real value.

However, with the right approach, it’s possible to have an audit that your business can actually benefit from.

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Even if an audit is simply something you have to do, we’ll ensure you get useful business insights from the process.

Catherine Edwards

Audit Director

How we can help

Whether you’re required to have an audit, or it’s something you’ve opted to do, we can help.

We offer cost-effective audits for compliance purposes, which also provide valuable analysis of your business performance and processes.

As well as carrying out regular and ad hoc audits, we also provide specialist services, such as audits for charities, grant audits and travel industry returns (under the ATOL Reporting Accountant Scheme).

Planning ahead

Planning ahead

From the outset, one of our auditors will work with you to outline the process and agree a timeline, including key dates, in advance. We are used to working to tight deadlines, but always plan ahead so your audit runs smoothly.

Working efficiently

Working efficiently

As part of your audit, we will arrange to visit your premises and examine your accounting records to check your financial statements are a “true and fair view of your financial affairs” for the relevant period. We always work as efficiently as possible, so you’re free to get on with your day-to-day business.

Adding value

Adding value

Once we’ve completed our audit report, we’ll then sit down with you to review the data. This includes an analysis of your internal controls, along with our recommended improvements to help you reduce the risk of misreporting or fraud. In this way, we ensure that your business gets the most value from its audit and the investment you make in it.

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