Financial Forecasting

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What’s the most effective way to make cost savings? How much does your profit increase if you put prices up by 5%?

Forecasting can help you make important financial decisions like these, based on information not guesswork.

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Business owners tend to think they must have visibility of future sales to produce forecasts, but this simply isn’t true.

Rachael Rackham

Senior Client Advisor

What's involved?

Forecasting, or budgeting, is the process of looking into the future to see what your financials will look like in the year ahead.

It helps reduce your business risk by assessing what the financial pinch points might be. And, as well as keeping your business on track, forecasts are essential if you’re looking to raise finance from banks or investors.

How we can help

We’ll work with you to review what your costs are and what you need out of the business. We then calculate what minimum sales are needed to cover this.

Using these numbers, we can prepare a forecast profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow so you can see how the profit, assets/debt and cash will look month by month.

By performing a sensitivity analysis, we can also tweak your forecasts to show you the outcome of small changes. For example, what will happen to your cashflow if you get your debtors to pay you five days earlier?

Once the forecasts are prepared, we can slot the numbers into your management accounts, and start comparing your actual performance with the forecast and exploring the reasons for any variances.

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