Virtual FD

Your expert guide

It can be daunting making financial decisions by yourself, even if you know your numbers well.

But by having one of our qualified Finance Directors on hand, you can access all the expertise and guidance you need.

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Many businesses can’t justify the expense of employing a full-time Finance Director, but they would benefit from having an expert to guide them.

Debbie Boulton


How we can help

Whatever your business size, we can provide you with a dedicated Finance Director (or virtual FD) at a level and budget that suits your operation.

From the outset, your virtual FD will get to know your business and its longer-term financial goals.

We’ll then agree what these targets are for the year ahead and work with your management team to help achieve them.

Keeping you on track

Whether you want to improve cashflow, increase headcounts, or ensure your directors are rewarded financially, we can help you put the right plans in place.

Regular meetings

Regular meetings

Your FD will meet regularly with you to discuss your business performance and track progress to ensure everyone is actioning the plan.

Expert analysis

Expert analysis

As well as accounting advice, your FD can help you to understand your numbers, which includes providing other financial analysis.

Improved results

Improved results

By making their directors accountable, businesses find they are more successful at achieving their goals.

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