Finance Director Services

Finance Director Services

Need a finance director but can't justify the expense?

We're passionate about making sure all our business clients have access to the expertise and guidance they need. That's why we developed financial director services that can be tailored precisely to both your needs and budget.

Our part time finance director services could be the answer

In addition to having an experienced expert on hand to support your business, we will:

  • Review and help improve systems and procedures;
  • Facilitate of strategic planning, including preparation of business plans and forecasts;
  • Oversee the financial management, including cash flow, realistic budgeting, cost reduction;
  • Help build relationships and more credibility with banks, investors and other funders such as grant providers;
  • Help prepare for raising finance, acquisitions and exits;
  • Help with growth management and avoidance of growth pitfalls;
  • Help with resolution of difficult and confidential issues;
  • Help implement change and improvement;
  • Act as MD’s sounding board, clearing the fog, providing balance.

By having one of our qualified finance directors on hand, you can access all the expertise and guidance you need.

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We are completely flexible so you can choose to work with us on a part time, interim or virtual basis – whatever suits your needs or budget.

Whatever your business size, we can provide you with a dedicated finance director (FD) at a level and budget that suits your operation. From the outset, your FD will get to know your business and its longer-term financial goals.

We’ll then agree targets for the year ahead and work with you and your business to help achieve them.

Book a free initial discussion with managing director Debbie Boulton to find out how we can help.

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Whether you want to improve cashflow, increase headcounts, or ensure your directors are rewarded financially, we can help you put the right plans in place.

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As well as accounting advice, your FD can help you to understand your numbers, which includes providing other financial analysis.

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By making their directors accountable, businesses find they are more successful at achieving their goals.

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To find out more about what an FD can do for you business and what qualities you need to help your business thrive take a look at Debbie's article on our knowledge section.


Why do I need an FD?

Being a business owner is a complex juggling act: you’re under pressure to make the important long-term decisions for your company, as well as overseeing the day-to-day running and control of the business activities.

But you can’t be an expert at everything and that’s why you need an experienced and competent team to advise you.

See Debbie's full article on the role of the FD here.