A truly joined up approach to business advice

As the largest single firm of accountants in the Bath area, we have a full range of trusted partners we call The Hub. So if you need a professional service that we can’t provide, you can be sure we know of someone who can provide just what you need.

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What it is and why you may be ready for it

How much easier would it be for you and your business if you could access your figures wherever you have internet access? With Cloud Accounting, you no longer need a PC to look at your accounts. So if you like the idea of checking your sales figures from the beach in the Bahamas, we suggest you talk to us about Cloud Accounting.

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The way forward for electronic data sharing

With more and more information now being sent electronically between clients and accountants and with HMRC encouraging electronic authorisation of tax returns, having a secure client portal is a key tool for any forward thinking accountancy firm.

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We make sure you understand your business performance

Do you know what areas of your business are performing well and which may be losing you money? By working with you to prepare regular, reliable and easy to read management accounts, you need not be in the dark about your businesses finances any longer.

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HMRC have upped their game…Have you?

29 August 2014

HM Revenue and Customs are clamping down on tax evasion and tax avoidance and seeking extra powers. They are under significant pressure from government to increase the amount of tax that they collect, resulting in an increasingly aggressive attitude being taken which many taxpayers will feel the effect of in the future.

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Richardson Swift Celebrates 5th Anniversary

20 August 2014

Five years on, Richardson Swift celebrate their anniversary and reflect on the changes in that time and what the next five years may hold.

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Top Ten Ways To Save You Money!

15 July 2014

How can you be confident your accountant is doing everything they can to save you money? Read our top ten list to make sure you're getting the best advice.

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Technical issues

Are you ready for FRS102?

25 June 2014

Are you prepared for FRS102? For accounting years beginning on or after 1 January 2015, a new accounting standard, FRS102, will apply. Plan now and you'll make the transition easier. We explain FRS102 in more detail and advise you on what steps you should be taking now.

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